Steven Robert Harwood, now having over 35 years of extensive New York City experience in structural engineering and having analyzed and designed various structural systems for seismic, hurricane and blast zone forces, the firm can offer superior design services and consultation.

  The firm has designed residential and commercial: low, mid and high rise buildings in steel and concrete and reinforced concrete masonry.  We have designed college gymnasiums, dormitories, student unions and school buildings, numerous libraries and cost efficient nursing homes throughout New York. Foundations for these buildings have included piles, caissons, pile supported mats, mat foundations and simple spread footings.

  A major component of our work is cost optimized structural systems for housing. We have designed reinforced concrete block bearing walls structures with precast plank floor systems supported upon both steel and concrete structures over commercial spaces and parking. We have designed steel frame buildings with precast plank floor systems and staggered girder systems. We have designed structural platforms, above commercial space and parking, to support multiple floors of modular housing.

   Our solutions for adaptive reuse of existing structures to suit new functional requirements are based upon my association with over 60 years of successful projects.  We have records of construction methods and codes dating to the 1890ís.  We have performed extensive investigations of deteriorated structures to check adequacy of existing conditions. Many of the structures that were retrofit were early steel frame buildings with cinder concrete slabs or hundred year old buildings with cast iron columns or concrete structures with specialized slab systems.

   A primary component of our work consists of all facets of health care.  We have made numerous designs at major medical centers to alter and reinforce existing structural systems to adapt to new functional requirements. As a specialist in adaptive reuse, the challenge to integrate all available structural elements and to form a compatible new functional structure is met with our extensive knowledge base and 35 years of personal experience.  Examples of health care work would be structural designs for new linear accelerators integrating with existing hospital structures, emergency department alterations, expansions additions and overbuilds on existing occupied buildings, new vertical transportation systems and communicating corridors. and OR equipment support structures.