The firm of SR Harwood Consulting Engineering, P.C. is a continuation of a long term established New York City firm, Harwood Associates Consulting Engineers, which was founded by Franklin Harwood in 1952.  One of the early projects (1955) by Franklin Harwood PE was the Bronx Municipal Hospital Centerís Main Building and the Hospital for Chronic Tuberculosis Building, (Jacobi Medical Center)

  Steven Harwood received his B.S.C.E. at SUNY Buffalo in 1976.  He received his M.S.C.E. from Columbia University in 1979 while working during the day at Weiskopf and Pickworth Consulting Engineers. While at W&P, Steven designed the lateral, transfer trusses, built up columns and plate girder systems for the Philip Morris Building, NYC. He also designed plate girder systems, tower foundations and space frames for Raffles City in Singapore.

  Steven Harwood P.E. became a principal partner with Franklin Harwood in 1982.

 Steven Harwood was also a principal of Selnick / Harwood Consulting Engineers since its inception in 1993 until forming the firm S.R. Harwood Consulting Engineering, PC in February, 2010.