325  West 57 Street, NYC
Abe Bloch Architect
A slender 12 story mixed use concrete structure with 18 feet floor to floor height with mezzanines between the residential floors. Construction Spring 2012. NYC.

Iona College Dormitory, New Rochelle
Anthony Pucillo Architect
This 100,000 square foot ten story cast in place concrete building founded upon caissons and footings to rock. Construction to begin in Fall, 2011. This is the fifth building designed by firm on this campus: The Student Union, The Gymnasium, and two other dormitories.

Academy Place – Modular Platform , Ossening, NY
Stanley Lee Architect
This structural design was for a 14,000 square foot platform to support 4 stories of light gauge metal framed  modular housing.  A horizontal truss was used instead of the preferred concrete diaphragm. Seismic loads and wind forces imparted by the modular structure to the platform was resisted by strategically located braced frames. The second floor platform was above parking and commercial space.  ETABS and SAP were used to model both the modular structure and the platform. The light gauge steel modular project was cancelled.

70 Bruckner Boulevard, Bronx.
Stanley Lee Architect.
This 70,000 square foot 13 story bearing wall structure is founded upon piles.  At the second floor concrete beams supports the masonry bearing walls above an open driveway through the building.  The 10th floor setback is supported upon 12 inch precast plank composite with a structural 4 inch concrete topping slab. Structure recently was completed.

2 Cooper Square, NYC
GKV Architects
This 16 story 165000 square foot concrete building is mixed use: residential and commercial..  The commercial space consists of the first floor and the two cellar levels. An adjacent historical landmark home was restored and converted to residential units. A swimming pool is recessed into the roof top terrace. Completed 2010.

309 Tenth Avenue, NYC.
HT O’Hara Architect
This 13 story mixed use flat plate concrete structure is founded upon caissons. Completed  2010.

80 Bruckner Boulevard, Bronx.
 Hugo Subotovsky Architect
This project consists of three bearing wall building structures, approximately 400 units, supported at the second floor, over commercial space by a heavy concrete frame and shear walls Foundations are steel pipe piles.  The 10th floor setbacks were supported upon steel framing. The project was recently completed.

Shakespeare Place, Bronx
Hugo Subotovsky Architect.
Complex Structure: The site slopes along the length of the building.  The structure is reinforced cmu bearing walls transferring on structural steel at various levels.

150 West 170 Street Bronx
Attelier 22 Archuitects
8 Story irregularly shaped reinforced cmu bearing wall with precast concrete floor plank founded upon piles.

385 Third Avenue, NYC
H. Thomas O’Hara Architect
18 story, 65000 square foot steel frame and precast plank structure with commercial space at the ground floor.This building had a precast panel façade.

Tiffany Buildings ,Bronx
Attelier 22
Two 7 story reinforced cmu and precast floor plank structures. Bronx.

250 East 60 Street, NYC
HT O’Hara

8 story steel frame and precast plank structure with the North foundation cantilevered over the MTA binocular tunnel.  High capacity caissons and mini caissons were used to support heavy concrete foundation  girders.

435 West 57 Street NYC
John Harding Architect
A 28 story concrete structure with concrete balconies.   This building is founded upon rock.

521 West 42 Street NYC 
H. Thomas O’Hara Architect

A 20 story concrete flat plate structure founded upon mini caissons and rock. NYC

417 and 438 East 76 Street, NYC
Meltzer Mandl
These six story residences are cold formed metal joists supported upon reinforced cmu bearing walls.

New Life Homes,  Brooklyn
Salsano  / Scarpa Architects
A 6 story cmu and precast floor plank project in East New York.  This project was founded upon piles.


Arlington Avenue, Riverdale, NYC
Meltzer Mandl
A 16 story mixed use irregular shaped concrete structure.  The building has underground parking under both  wings and an olympic pool on the low rise wing’s roof. 

15-21 West 116 Street, NYC
Meltzer Mandl
This is a mixed use steel frame and precast concrete floor plank structure. The structure is founded upon piles

148 and 149 Street, NYC
Meltzer Mandl
These two buildings are joined by a connecting bridge, The 149th street structure has 2 sublevels, containing a church and commercial space, and 10 stories above grade.  The masonry bearing walls transfer upon steel structure at grade level.  The building is founded  upon mini caissons.

304 West 117 Street, NYC
LSGM Architects
This is an 8 story mixed use reinforced cmu bearing wall structure on Fredrick Douglas Blvd.

1991 Broadway, NYC
John Harding Architect
This is a 22 story flat plate structure with the East side transferring ver public space.

NYU Staff Headquarters, NYC
Pomerance and Breines Architects.
This is an 8 story flat plate structure with three levels below grade, 40,000 cubic yards of rock were excavated.  The two large skylights in the rear yard plaza provides  natural light to the three levels below ground. The building houses NYU staff and has office space below grade,

Iona Dorms North Avenue. New Rochelle
Anthony Pucillo Architect
These two 8 story flat plate dorms are connected below grade with a tunnel.  The roof  mansard is constructed with steel tube sections supporting cold formed steel framing.