Examples of Health Care Projects

North Shore Long Island Jewish Medical Center

  • Same Day Admissions Rooftop Addition and Dunnage.  Architect: Granary Associates.  Provided structural reinforcement for a vertical roof top addition.
  • North Shore: Main Entrance Study.  Architect: Granary Associates.  Provided schematic design for a proposed new entrance with radial canopy and mechanical penthouse
  • Speech and Hearing Pavilion Addition.  Architect Pamela Chow.  This two story addition integrated with the existing Hearing and Speech building, reusing the elevator pit for a new elevator that serves both structures.
  • LIJ Womans Center Study for certificate of Need, Architect LSGS.  This preliminary design used the Cancer Care structure as a basis for a vertical addition and adjacent addition.
  • LIJ Emergency Generator and Co Generation Alteration to the Energy Center. M.E.P. Engineers: Flack and Kurtz
  • Long Island Jewish Medical Center Surgical Intensive Care Unit-Architect Pekins and Eastman. This is a vertical addition above the Dietary Building.  It houses 26 beds and above this level is a mechanical penthouse and exterior dunnage. Specialized details were used to offset the exterior columns to gain critical interior space.
  • LIJ Schneider Radiology- LSGS  This below grade LINAC vault was adjacent to Schneider Building and the Cancer Center and was 6 feet below grade.
  • LiJ OR Expansion and Mechanical Penthouse; Architect LSG.  This was a vertical addition over the loading dock and adjacent and above the existing OR suites.  Certain original columns were reinforced when we determined that no additional capacity was available.

Beth Israel Medical Center – Emergency Department Study  – Architect NBBJ.  This was an extremely complex design.  20,000 square feet of contiguous space was the mandate. The 1988 Emergency Department was to expand Eastward, to adjacent buildings. Existing First floors were to be lowered and certain slabs were to be removed and certain floors were to be raised. Lowering existing concrete floor plates required reinforcing columns and bracing such until the new slab is cast. A new service tunnel beneath buildings was required to connect to an existing tunnel.

Beth Israel Medical Center – Emergency Department and Ambulance Ramp Alteration 1988
Architect: Robert Larsen and Associates. This project leveled unequal floor elevations within Dazian Pavilion, a 1920’s steel frame with cinder concrete slabs.  The adjacent building, Karpas Extension is a 30 foot by 30 foot - 4 column, 8 story infill structure. The building is cantilevered over an 8 foot wide entrance ramp.  The street side column, which supports the cantilever girder at the second floor needed to be relocated by 8 feet to the West to allow two Ambulances to park within the building.  Significant transfer mechanisms were designed to facilitate this requirement.

Beth Israel Medical Center – New Infrastructure Projects
Communicating Elevator and Stair at the Karpas, Silver,Dazian and Radiology Intersection
.  The end product of this extremely complex structural design resulted with a simple corridor, one story elevator and stair between Dazian Pavilion and Silver Pavilion.  New concrete work connecting existing pile caps and caisson caps provided a base for the new elevator pit and support for new columns that re support heavy structure overhead.  The Silver Addition Building which was a vertical addition by others in  1973 threaded new super columns through the original Silver Building and the Radiotherapy structure. In order to install a new elevator over run a second floor 40 foot girder of the Silver Addition had to be resupported and cut. One concrete column from the original Silver Building had to be transferred to make the shaft clear.

Beth Israel Medical Center – LINAC addition
This LINAC addition extended the Radiology Department by adding a LINAC vault partially below the sidewalk and replacing the first floor of Silver Pavilion. The water elevation required that the new vault be set at an elevation such that the concrete slab at Silver’s first floor had to be removed and replaced with the new LINAC roof.  Concrete columns had to be shored and braced, new pipe columns had to be installed and connections to existing pile caps and caisson caps was required.  The shielding was lead as the thickness was optimized. Steel plate girders and steel framing support concrete, lead, sidewalk wear slab and sidewalk vault live loads.

Beth Israel Medical Center - Dazian Elevator Addition
Architect: LSGS
This alteration provide 2 new elevators that service all floors. An existing stairwell and duct shaft were altered to house the shafts and elevator rails. New columns were thread through the structure to support the shaft framing and the new elevator machine room penthouse.

Lenox Hill Hospital Emergency Department Alteration
Architect: DaSilva and Associates.
This project leveled unequal floor elevations within and between two buildings to make a continuous floor.  Stair openings were modified to suit new elevations.

New roof top dunnage platform and mechanical shafts within the building. The floor construction is a steel frame with terra cotta arches therefore the shafts had to be strategically located.